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 l. what is visual check?
Visual Check is the premier instrument used in resolving the critical demands of gas flushed packages, hermetic seals, aseptic packaging, vacuumized packs...in food, drug, and cosmetic industries.
Visual Check employs the principles of differential atmospheric pressures to provide instantaneous and visible answers to Packaging Supervisors, QA personnel, Mechanics and the Manufacturing groups on these key issues:
Are the packages properly sealed? This should be a non-negotiable answer for gas flushing, Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP/CAP), vacuumized cans, "Brick-Pak", flexible barriers such as meat and cheese packaging, and the "Controlled Breathing" film for fresh produce.
Confirms the sealing integrity of aseptic packaging against Oxygen seeping through channels, pin holes, pleats, and other invisible imperfections.
Assists Packaging Department in machine set-ups and change-overs by visually locating seal faults and weak contact areas before full production.

Model H
Simultaneous, side by side comparative testings such as one barrier structure vs. another, or one batch of film vs. another.
Detection of tampering.
Determination of cause(s) for product returns or complaints. Packages can be separated for integrity leaks from those caused by permeation (O2TR) of the barrier.