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ll. why visual check?
Uniform pressure is generated inside the package by applying vacuum to the outside...the only answer to "unsqueezable packages".
The test method is simple and objective; results are repeatable and are non-dependent on people, techniques or manipulations.
Extremely fast:
  • Typically under 5 seconds to any of (3) user preset pressures.
  • Instant pressure release for fast turn-arounds.

The chamber will permit package testing with or without water; can perform non-destructive tests.

Defects are highly visible as test packages can be seen from ALL sides, and by all concerned parties if so desired. The crystal clear and distortion free chamber permits exceptional detailed viewing (and photography as well).
Easy to use:
  • Auto submersion of packages.
  • Auto stop at preset pressure levels.
  • Self bleeding of chamber.
  • Virtually a "hands free" type of testing.
  • USER FRIENDLY...no complicated training!


Ability to handle large packages:
  • All standard models can test at least 9" x 14" packages.
  • Model H will test packages of 12" x 18" jumbo sizes.
  • Ideal for multiple-package comparisons.


Precision engineered and crafted with 1" high impact, crystal clear resins and stainless steel - a stunning design! Empty unit weighs approx. 85#.
FAST START-UP! Unit is complete with stand, high speed vacuum pump, drain, inspection light, etc...pre-tested and ready to put into service.
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